Sex Kitten Elina Dee Strips Out Of Her Kitty Shirt For Your Viewing Pleasure

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aldo-vallon - July 4, 2018

There were an almost limitless number of animals that Elina Dee could have chosen instead of this, but instead she went with the pussycat. That is a little too on the nose for a photoshoot like this, if you ask me. It is not like I choose to wear my boxers with the mushrooms on them when it is my turn to send pictures of my genitalia to a girl.

Why don’t I do that? For the same reason that movie production companies do not play a trailer of the movie right before people are going to see the movie. It is redundant at best.

If Elina really wanted to wear something memorable during the few photos where she actually is wearing anything then she should have worn an Ed Hardy shirt. Not only would it have been unexpected, but all of those different colors would have been disorienting. They would have made it difficult to focus on anything and then BAM, she would be naked. Those are the kinds of twists that nudie publishers need to start employing in order to maintain interest from readers. All of this has gotten a little too predictable.


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