Sienna Miller Topless In ‘High Rise’

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bill-swift - May 17, 2016

You likely missed the move High Rise which really just came out. I think most people did. It immediately moved to one of those instant watch things where the mini-description looks intriguing. Invest at your own peril. However, you would be perilous if you didn't pay heed and ogle worthy attention to Sienna Miller who gets quite topless in the quirky thriller. This isn't the first time we've seen Sienna Miller in the flesh, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say she's bigger than I remember in the chestal area. That's a nice way of saying something else. You must do what you must do to survive in Hollywood.

And she doesn't just survive, she thrives. A now decade plus veteran hottie who's almost always in the femme fatale role and doing so with tremendous gusto. There's nothing not to lust about Sienna Miller. If this movie were a 100-minute long topless making of the sexy scene with Sienna, I'd be watching it now for the tenth time. They have a name for those kinds of movies. Awesome. Enjoy.

 Photo Credit: 'High Rise' Recorded Picture Company