Skye Blue Topless in Brooklyn

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aldo-vallon - October 7, 2017

 What is Skye Blue thinking by being topless so early in the day? In my experience the women in Brooklyn only take their tops off in the later hours of the evening. Something special must be going on in order for her to bless us with the presence of her fun bags. The only logical conclusion that I can come to would be that Scott Baio is back in town and she is either celebrating or hoping to catch his eye, possibly both. I cannot blame her either. If I had a chance to get in on that Charles in Charge money by hanging some brain, you can bet your bottom dollar that I would do it. My zipper would be down so fast I would have broken the sound barrier, which would be another good way to get his attention. Despite all that effort I do not think it would do me much good, Scott Baio does not seem like the type who would reward male nudity. I guess that is why public indecency is usually left to women. I have never seen people scream in terror at the sight of a woman flashing.  

Photo Credit: Zeno Gill