Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe Flashed Her Entire Boob With ESPY Wardrobe Malfunction

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earl-jonas - July 12, 2019


This is not a drill people. The name on everyone's lips is Megan Rapinoe recently. She's one of the women to lead the USA soccer team to worldwide victory, and even though no one in America watches soccer, we're all very excited. Well, as of today we are. Because we now have ample documentation of Megan Rapinoe flashing her hot boob at the ESPYs. The entire team was on hand, and thanks to her deep, deep V-neck and lack of bra, Megan's boob made a run for it on national television. And this isn't just a nip slip people. This is an entire boob slip. Gender equality stars at women showing their nipples all the time. Not to get poliTITical or anything...



Photo Credit: ABC