Sojourner Morell Topless For Purple Diary

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michael-garcia - August 2, 2016

Waifish hottie Sojourner Morell took it all off for Purple Diary. Sojourner looks like the type of girl that would have hung out with Andy Warhol back in the day. She's all thin and beautiful in a dangerous rock and roll kind of way. Sojourner is trouble, but I bet she'd be worth it. She's got a nice pair of perkies that are just delightful. They are the type of breasts you want to take out for a steak dinner and then nuzzle into all night. We also get a few pics that show her undercarriage with its natural foliage intact. I have to say that I like a bit of fuzz down there. I feel weird doing the deed with a girl that's all shaved. It makes me feel like I'm doing something I shouldn't be doing. But Sojourner is rocking the 70's style and that's cool. 

These pictures are seriously sexy. I think the black and white really brings out her hotness. It's probably how Warhol would have shot her. 



Photo Credit: Purple Diary