Solveig Mork Hansen Arty Topless

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michael-garcia - September 21, 2016

Danish professional hot person Solveig Mork Hansen got glittery and topless in this sexy spread. The photog was obviously trying to be really arty with the filters and the glitter in these pics. That's fine because she also got her to take off her top. Solveig has a simply incredible pair of jugs. They are massive, but not in a science fiction way, just in a normal course of events kind of way. Her nipples are slightly upturned which I love. It makes the ta-tas seem mischievous, like they are up to no good and are going to get you in trouble. Solveig looks like she's down to party too. I could be wrong because I don't know her but I don't think I am.

Women from Denmark are usually crazy hot. I know some Danish girls and they are unbelievable. I'm not sure if it's those viking genes or all the pickled herring they eat, but whatever it is it's working. 


Photo Credit: Anne Nicolajsen