Sommer Ray Gets Physical!

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Echo Lawrence - October 21, 2020

Sommer Ray is a 24 year old fitness model who came up on the social media channels so many other babes have surfaced from. Apparently, she got her start on VINE, but kills it on instagram with 25 million follower and youtube with 77 million views and TikTok with 8.2 million followers. Crazy.

Along with that Youtube, TikTok, Instagram advertising money, she also sells fitness plans and is the CEO of both a "Lifestyle Subscription Box" and a clothing brand.

While looking at her, you have to wonder how much of what she does is actually pragmatic fitness advice, how tos, or guides so that her subscribers can have a famous booty like Sommer Ra, but with a famous booty like Sommer Ray's, I think she's got enough booty for everyone. It's almost at the point of ridiculous!



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