YouTube Soccer Hostess Sophie Rose Topless In Mellow Yellow

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bill-swift - April 21, 2017

If you happen about the Chelsea Fans YouTube channel, you're bound to run into Sophie Rose and her more than desirable tubes. As you might imagine, the viewing audience for this outlet is not entire insignificant. Tons of people dig premiere football. Tons more dig Sophie Rose.

Now a chance for Sophie Rose fans and all gentlemen of the ogling persuasion to spend five minutes to the rest of their lives leering at the lust inducing full sized mams of this British girl gone good. It's like a daydream where you're floating on a bed of pillows. Two to be precise. Because one is never enough and three is simply just awkward and raises questions. Sophie, I can see why you have so many fans. You're clearly a talented presenter. I don't even need to know of what, I can intuit this entirely through tingles. I want to motorboat in your soft spots for ever and ever. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sophie Rose