Stella Maxwell Topless in New York!

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Echo Lawrence - September 11, 2020

Stella Maxwell is the amazing Victoria's Secret model who has dabbled in dating so many celebs, you'd be jealous, because those celebs are all women! Yes, an LGBTQ model from an era when it wasn't about filling quotas as much as it was about "she looks good for this Victoria's Secret thing". Where now, the whole "indentification of a persons DNA, Sexual Preference, etc" is printed on their damn name tag. When we're all just here to see the hot pics and videos they star in! We don't care about color, cree, sexuality and we don't think putting a neon sign above their head is a way to really secure INCLUSIVITY, which would mean going about life without having to label people beyond their merits, but instead a good way to keep diversity exclusive.

What I am trying to say is that Stella Maxwell is hot in picture and that makes her lesbian relationships hot in fantasy and here she is bringing some topless goods to NYC on September 11th, a day to remember NYC.


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