Stephanie Shiu Naked Hot and Plus All Kinds of Perfect for Purple

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bill-swift - January 22, 2016

I've seen hot model Stephanie Shiu referred to as a 'plus sized model' before. That was a couple years back, but it seems insane on the off chance you get to see her stripped out of her clothes and shot in all sextastic directions. Say, for instance, today in this outstandingly alluring visual diary of Stephanie in Purple Diary. I think I might cry for the third time today. Yep, here come the waterworks.

Stephanie and her ridiculously hot Asian sweetheart body seems perfect to me in ever which way but being mine. Oh, yes I'm jealous. If jealousy was invented for anything it was for the guy who gets to hang out in his abode and see Stephanie Shui naked and entangled betwixt his sheets. I was going to say Ikea bed and an old blanket, but that would've sounded too personal. Stephanie, if you are plus anything, it's plus an extra helping of crazy hotness. Oh, no, more tears. Wait, can you cry from down there? I'm in lust! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Purple Diary