Stop and See Maddie McCormick’s McRack in Shameless

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aldo-vallon - February 5, 2019

I have never been fortunate enough to try dumpster sex for myself, but from everything I have heard, It is quite the experience. It is almost like sensory overload. Not only do you have all of the feelings that go along with sex, you get the added rush of being semi-nude in public, as well. But wait, there is more.

On top of those other things you also get all of the smells that go along with being near a dumpster. That varies a little bit from restaurant to restaurant, so if you get tired of the same old Chinese food you can move down the street to the sushi bar in order to mix things up.

Add to that the thrill of knowing you could be forced to fight off a rat at any given moment and I do not think there is a more thrilling experience known to man. As a cherry on top of the sundae your balls will also get the gentle breeze of alley air brushing across them. I normally only get that kind of treatment when pissing outside, and I don’t often get to enjoy it because the cops are shooing me away from the yoga studio.




Photo Credit: Mr. Skin