Stop And See Valerie Fantine’s Unbelievable Nude Shoot

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aldo-vallon - December 26, 2017

   One does not get a body as fit as Valerie Fantine's without countless hours in the gym. I know this, not because I have my own fitness addiction, but because I have watched the women that do from afar. It is amazing, and a little unsettling, how easy it is to lurk at a gym without doing any real work. Everyone is so focused on their own workout that the creep with a slurpee  on the stationary bike flies right under the radar. 

I am not sure what the punishment is nowadays for leering in public, but that is the sort of thing they used to tar and feather a guy for. Today I think the only punishment they try to hit you with is public shaming. Hopefully I never have to find that one out first hand. Not that I have any shame left inside me, but I do have a reputation to protect. I am hoping to keep it intact at least until my grandparents pass away. That is one phone call that I do not need in my life.



Photo Credit: Photographer Cyriaque Billard for B-Authentique

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