Stop And See First Lady Stormy Daniels Stripping In A Florida Club

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brian-mcgee - March 12, 2018

Not that she needs any help staying in the headlines these days, but former pornstar Stormy Daniels took her act on the road and spent the weekend stripping at a club in Florida. The big breasted blonde beauty took it all off on stage to give onlookers but a taste of what our president used to get a taste of on the regular.

Stormy knows a thing or two about parlaying tabloid notoriety into a cash-making machine. I can't say I blame her for trying to capitalize on all of the news, and I'm sure that many of you will have several choice words you'd like to use to describe her, but I would call her business savvy. This is just business after all, and she knows a thing or two about keeping herself in business.

Whether or not Stormy's got the goods when it comes to her current situation, there's no denying she's got the goods on stage here in Florida. And let's be honest, Florida is the perfect state to premiere this new act, because Florida is chock full of the craziest human beings alive. Fingers crossed she gets out of there with her dignity intact... if such things are possible.

Photo Credit: Splash News