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aldo-vallon - January 12, 2018

   By the look of this woma's face I would think she has been through hell and came out the other side. Like she just told she would have to partake in a buffalo wing eating contest after having just won a hotdog eating contest. And if she refuses then she also forfeits her buffalo wing prize. That is probably why she is so red, it's all the rage that is building up inside her. I can tell you one thing, I wouldn't want my hotdog anywhere near her when she is like that. She doesn't exactly look like she would be swallowing them whole, if you know what I mean.

FYI, I actually have won a hotdog eating contest. It was not as enjoyable as one might expect due to the hotdogs being raw, but I won a portable DVD player so I suppose it was worth it in the end. All it cost was my self-respect and I was not using that anyway. 

If any of you are curious about the secret to eating uncooked hotdogs I'll tell you. Just pretend they are penises, that way you'll be motivated to be done with them as quickly as possible. They won't even touch your mouth. 



Photo Credit: Aris Jerome for In The Raw

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