Summer St. Claire Piano Striptease Hit All The Right Notes (Yeah, I Know)

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bill-swift - February 18, 2016

I love classical music as much as the next guy. And by classical music, I mostly mean Summer St. Claire stripping down to her birthday suit and top notch melons in front of a piano. This is precisely the kind of incentive that could've caused me to continue with my own music lessons as a child. I was second sousaphone in the marching band. The first sousaphone was Missy Meyers who routinely used to punch me in the shoulder and make my sousaphone very difficult to carry. Band hate is merciless.

Summer St. Claire reminds us that nature's wonderments come in all sorts of unexpected places. And also entirely expected places like Summer's ridiculously hot female form. Those unexpected places sound like a real chore. I'll stick to the old standbys and the heavenly hot British girls with nothing but love in their hearts and fullness in their chests. Play us a happy song, will you, Summer? No, you're not allowed to use your hands. That's what makes it so happy. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Summer St. Claire