Summer St. Claire Stocking Striptease

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bill-swift - April 13, 2016

Summer St. Claire stripping out of lingerie and stockings is the happy place I got to in my mind when troubled by the burdens of the world. Like that time last week I thought I had beer in my fridge and I got home and there was none. Yes, I know I keep my pain way too private, but I too walk a journey filled with serious hurdles. 

As nice as that happy imagination path is, it's no comparison to real life feasting of the peeps upon Summer in her panties and stockings, returned to blonde locks, showing off her most faptastic of funbags. It's not quite a religious experience at least until they redefine religion as way more fun than currently. Summer, you make everything taste a little sweeter and shine a little brighter. I can rip even more poetry if it makes you the least bit excited. I'd kill a hobo if you just snapped your fingers. Even if it turned out that wasn't what you wanted, I'd feel no regret. Hug me hard, please. You can let go next Tuesday. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: More Than Nylons