Summer St. Claire White Bikini Striptease

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michael-garcia - September 9, 2016

Summer may be over, but British hottie Summer St. Claire is still here to delight us with a white bikini strip tease. Summer starts out in a revealing white bikini, her ample bosoms hardly contained. When you have melons as big as Summer it is hard to hold them back with mere fabric. Then she frees her ta-tas from the shackles of clothing and unleashes them on the world. And what immense beauties they are. You could use these things as floatation devices in the case of a water landing. I would like to lay my head down upon them and fell asleep because they look super comfy. They are like two bean bag chairs on a woman's chest, but in a sexy way. I like that she's very curvaceous. She's my kind of woman.

I always like when Summer pops up her at Egotastic HQ. It's like a special treat that you forgot how much you like. Like Gummy Bears. 


Photo Credit: Summer St. Claire