Take a trip down memory lane with Ersties vintage inspired erotica

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terence-chumbler - October 15, 2016

Porn has changed a lot of the past decade or two, a little something called the internet has ensured that. Whatever you are into, whatever does it for you, it’s there with a simple type in to a search box. This hasn’t always been the case however, for many the porn of the 70’s and 80’s was their first introduction to the world of erotica. Waiting up past the TV watershed to catch a late night showing of Emmanuelle or sneaking a Playboy out from under the mattress. In many ways, this was the Golden Era of porn, one that the guys over at Ersties have recreated with an originality and uniqueness that transports us right back to our adolescent bedroom.

Before the age of casting couches and big sausage pizzas, porn was a glamorous and luxurious affair. Beautiful ladies with Martinis in hand, doing things you didn’t even know existed. The ladies over at Ersties clearly came over all nostalgic and wanted to pay homage to this era. With a little modern revamp and a whole lot of naughtiness, their throwback shoot is a success on so many levels.

As a nostalgic look back at a genre which got many a pubescent hooked on all things pornographic, this shoot works perfectly. What really sets it apart however is the fact that whilst it does give a knowing nod to this era, it doesn’t neglect the incredibly hot and horny amateur porn we are used to from Ersties. As with everything those lovely ladies do, it is a shoot with a twist. All the style and grace of an art-nouveau classic, but with the steamiest and downright sexiest action we’ve seen in a long time, no matter what the decade.

One thing Ersties can never be accused of is not being committed to what they do; and what they do is produce some of the best amateur porn available anywhere on the internet. For this shoot they used specialist cameras and paid extra attention to the cars, music, lighting and fashion to ensure the feel of the whole thing was exactly on point.

The story centers around two lovers who decide to reconcile after a tempestuous argument. Meeting in a moody Berlin bar and with the help of a cocktail in hand, the two ladies forget their issues and begin to remember the primal lust that brought them together in the first place. After sharing a kiss and memories of sexier times, the girls decide to head back to an apartment to reignite their relationship. As with all Ersties shoots, once the action starts, it’s relentless, passionate, authentic and completely wild! Talia Mint is the undoubted star of the show, classically gorgeous but with a certain modern naughtiness, she perfectly encapsulates the Golden Era of porn.


Ersties make a habit of pushing boundaries with their incredible commitment to amateur porn. This vintage throwback shoot is the latest in a long line of gloriously authentic and innovative shoots. It ticks all the boxes in terms of originality and authenticity but crucially it is still as hot as hell! Those ladies at Ersties know that ultimately it’s all about the action and this shoot has that bursting from its 1970’s flared seams! Click here to check out the full HD, feature length version.