Take Your Clothes Off And Run To The Beach With Amedea

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aldo-vallon - November 13, 2017


Just look at how even that tan is on Amedea's body. I am sure that is due in no small part to that dress she is wearing. That thing has more holes in it than Officer Alex Murphy at the beginning of Robocop. The beauty about having so many holes is that as long as you keep moving then the Sun cannot leave any tan lines. That is why I always insist on wearing my mesh shirt and shorts when I am outside doing yard work, despite my families pleas to put something else on. It is important to make sure you stay moving though, otherwise you will end up looking like you have some new form of the pox. I do not think our society can afford to have a new epidemic, even if it is a false alarm, so please take it off before it gets to that point. That must be what Amedea had in her mind, which is why she took her dress off so sexily. You can feel free to take it off as attractively as you please, do not feel like you need to try and compete with that body.   

Photo Credit: Photographer Marc Hervouet for B-Authentique