Tallulah Willis Gets Topless

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michael-garcia - October 19, 2016

Bruce's sexy daughter Tallulah Willis took her top off in these provocative pictures. The pics simulate Tallulah flicking the old bean through her undies while in the bathroom. The effect is pretty hot. 1) because ladies touching themselves is always sexy and 2) Tallulah's ta-tas are on point. They are big and juicy and one of her nips is pierced. I'm usually not into the whole piercing thing, but I must say that in this case it definitely makes me happy in my swimsuit area. Tallulah is, of course, the daughter of perennial hottie Demi Moore. I remember her posing naked while pregnant with Tallulah back in the day. So, it seems that now it is her turn to bare her jubblies for our mass consumption. Really, it was destiny.

I'd like for her next topless spread to do it along with sister Rumer. They could be giving each other a bath or frolicking in the park. I'm just spitballing here but it would be sexy. 


Photo Credit: Tyler Shields