Take a Letter for Nude Tara Lynn Ventura

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brian-mcgee - September 7, 2017

An open letter to Tara Lynn Ventura...

Dear Tara Lynn Ventura,

I hope that you don't mind me using your full name in these correspondences with you, but I think we're at that point in our relationship where formality is still of paramount importance. I've been thinking about you a lot lately, probably because I just saw these nude pictures of you. They are breathtaking. All thirty fucking six of them. You and that photographer must have been out there for a substantial portion of the day. Maybe it was one of those two day shoots, who can tell?

Anyway, I think that there are many pictures in this album that would make suitable Christmas cards. I'm a big fan of 28, where you're kinda perched beneath the palm trees. You could photoshop some lights in the trees and then write on the inside: "My tits are out because it's Christmas or whatever" and then use an ink pad to get your labia nice and covered and then stamp those lips right below that. I don't know who you could send these Christmas cards to, but I know I would like to be added to the list should this plan come to fruition. I'm always happy to send you unsolicited advice. 

All my love to Mimsy and the Poochkins,


Photo Credit: Brydie Mack