Tara Reid’s Underwear Can’t Contain Her Sharpussy In Hot New Candid Pic

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earl-jonas - August 21, 2019

What do you get when you mix a Sharpei and a pussy? Tara Reid's vagina. AKA a Sharpussy. And yes it gets me hot. Hollywood's sassiest starlet has had her ups and downs in the media over the years, but she's always maintained her sense of humor, and it's this eternal sense of whimsy that has endeared her forever to our hearts. Of course Reid - who found a career resurgence thanks to her Sharknado movies - has also maintained her looks, and it's so hot to see what's she's packing down below these days.

This exclusive paparazzi pic of Reid getting out of a car (very 2000s of her BTW) is too bougie for us (it isn't available to download on our pap site) so you'll have to hit the link below to check it out. Help me I'm poor.

Head here to see Tara Reid's sharpussy