Taya Vais Black and White Nudes

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Tex Hollywood - March 10, 2020

Taya Vais is going to be in Dubai, Cuba and Spain over the next 3 weeks. In the event you want to track her down and tell her how much you like her.

Her email is on her INSTAGRAM , so you can coordinate a meet-up. Who knows, maybe love will happen, because if you look at these pics, I know love will definitely happen on your end of the relationship, while she is probably too busy dealing with better candidates for her love than you. Thems the breaks.

She seems to be from Moscow, which makes sense as all the hot nude models seem to be Russian.

I just like her name, it reminds me of tying my shoes, tying a knot, tying THE knot, tying a tie, tying a vase, you know some of the most pleasurable things in life come with tying....unless of course you're on the receiving end of that tying during a home invasion, unless your captor is this TAYA doing the TYING, in which case...Sign me up, my door is already unlocked.


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