Taylor Momsen is Freeing The Nipple!

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Echo Lawrence - September 22, 2020

Taylor Momsen is on the #FreeTheNipple kick, would you expect anything else from Momsen the wild girl? In her new selfie Taylor is wearing a sheer black tank top exposing her nipples to announce that she is working on a project from home this week. Anytime I see Taylor’s name I get that “Where are you Christmas” song stuck in my head, the one she sang as Cindy Lou Who in How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Taylor’s teen drama series Gossip Girl is making a comeback in a reboot that the original creators are working on, the best news 2020 could bring us would be Taylor returning to the show although I’m sure that’s not happening. Here is her nipple, because she wants us to see it.

Taylor Momsen is Freeing The Nipple


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