Taylor Momsen Showing Her Nudes!

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Tex Hollywood - February 19, 2021

Taylor Momsen may be a name from the past, but since she ended her acting career with the season finale of Gossip Girl, she's gone rock and roll and found success with her rock band The Pretty Reckless .

She hasn't been doing much touring or making much noise over the last few years, at least not in the circles I run in, but she's back and she's edgier than ever, I guess you'd have to be in the way society is going.

In this video, which was posted on Instagram, she frees the nipple because I guess holding a picture of a nude is not against their terms and services!

This nude is one we posted before I am sure, as it's the one on her record, and the reason her fans should by the record, but this is more about Taylor's exchange with her nude, it's fun to see!


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