Ted Cruz Campaign Commercial Actress Amy Lindsay Topless in More Provocative Movie Days

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bill-swift - February 12, 2016

Amy Lindsay has become quite a name in the past 24-hours. Of course, those of our connoisseurs of the softcore erotica know the name from a decade and some premium cable channels ago. Amy was quite prolific on the late night simulated making of the sexy whilst naked in craptastic movies scenes. 

Amy gave up the topless thespianic work some years ago and occasionally still works legit films and commercials, including being cast in a Ted Cruz attack ad in South Carolina that aired for a full day before anybody realized that the 'every woman' in the commercial questioning Marco Rubio's character was none other than the semi-famous Skinemax actress. Probably most candidates would've pulled the ad because of that notoriety. For a conservative Christian candidate like Ted Cruz, it got pulled and disavowed and apologized for in ten seconds or less. Such is the nature of everybody with complicated feelings toward naked hot women. I try to keep it simple. Drool and say thank you and move on. Enjoy.