Thanks A Pixie Lott For The Ripped Dress Boob Peek

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earl-jonas - December 5, 2017

Woman about town Pixie Lott isn't one to miss any sort of red carpet event, and earlier this week hit up the British Fashion Awards at Royal Albert Hall in London. But don't let the fancy-sounding event fool you, because Pixie showed up in a macrame wall hanging that somehow doubled as a dress, and the best part is that the dress - for lack of a better word - couldn't hold in her bazongas throughout the evening and eventually ripped right down the side. This provides a heaping helping of side boob, which is in addition to the see-through teaters action that attendees enjoyed. Lott really is looking fit as hell here, and we should all be thankful that she apparently doesn't spend more than twenty dollars on dresses. Hot and cheap. My ideal woman!


Photo Credit: Backgrid