Svala Breathtaking in Fishnets

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brian-mcgee - January 5, 2018

Are you a fishnets kinda guy? Then have I got the girl for you. Her name is Svala and I don't know anything about her other than she looks absolutely astounding in nothing but some fishnets. And let's be honest with one another, what more do you really need in a woman than that? 

I love the optical illusion happening between her fishnets and that couch she's lounging on! It's making me a little dizzy, but in a good way. It could just be that all the blood rushed to another part of my body and that's why I'm lightheaded, but let's go with the pattern on the couch causing it. And let's also not forget that Svala's amazing fishnetted body is a true blue work of art!

So the next time you contemplate the question of whether or not you're a fishnets kinda guy, just remember these pictures of the amazing Svala. It might help to bookmark this page for future reference, and, you know, in case you happen to need it for anything else that might... arise. If you catch my drift. I think you do.

Photo Credit: Photographer Gunnar Seitz for B-Authentique 



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