The Full Frontal Nudity, Lesbian Action, And Yes, Rare Butthole-To-Butthole Shot In Curiosa Are EPIC

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earl-jonas - July 11, 2019


The French are no strangers to producing amazing nude movies, and Curiosa looks to be no exception. This thing is f*cking hot. Il fait f*cking chaud as the French say. The definition of Curiosa is "curiosities, especially erotic or pornographic books or articles" so it shouldn't come as a surprise that this sensual flick gives us some amazing full frontal shots as well as porny lesbian action. C'est vrais!

The movie is about a betrothed woman named Marie de Regnier (played by Noémie Merlant) who is only marrying for the mula. She's in love with her fiancé's friend, some poet guy. They have a bunch of sex. And it's cool, it really is. But the scene that we're really feeling is the lesbian one between Noémie Merlant and Camélia Jordana. Call me Curiosa George, because I can't keep away from this movie.

Oh, and there's a butthole-to-butthole scene. That is all...

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