The Latest Now Apocalypse Nudity Is Good, Like, Really Good

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earl-jonas - May 13, 2019


The Starz series Now Apocalypse has become the best show on television for gratuitous nudity, and last night's episode, titled Everything is Gone Forever, lived up to the sky-high expectations we have. The surreal series is about a group of millennials navigation love, life, sex, and probably other stuff in the zany city of Los Angeles. They're disillusioned. Craving identity, sexual fulfillment, purpose, and... clothes? That's right. In last night's episode Kelli Berglund sipped on some win topless in the tub, while Nicole LaLiberte showed off her LaNipples after car sex, as well as in the boudoir in front of an ungrateful dude. But enough of that. Now...


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Photo Credit: Starz via Mr. Skin