The Mainstream Media Thinks Claudia Romani’s Thong Is Too Small. SAD!

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earl-jonas - June 4, 2019

Our photo agency MEGA provides brief descriptions of the files available to download, and I have to say, I was a little taken aback when I saw how they summed up these super insanely hot new pics of supermodel Claudia Romani:

"A thong bikini that's too small." A thong bikini that's too small? This is why America no longer trusts the mainstream media. Better stick to the real stuff like Egotastic. There's no such thing as a thong bikini that's too small, and even if there was, it could never be too small on Claudia. The Italian beauty was catching some rays and taking some bomb selfies in South Beach when the paps snuck up on her to get these awesome pics. And then they had the nerve to throw shade at her fashion choices. Hey Claudia, your bikinis could never be too small to us. In fact, here's the exact size of one that we'd like for you to try on - 👙.


What the hell? I downloaded some more pics for the gallery (the four with the yummy orange bikini) and realized that the description for those is: "Claudia Romani flaunts her curves and seeks attention in a too small for her thong bikini." It's a conspiracy. Run Claudia run!

Photo Credit: MEGA