The Mr. Skin Lifetime Deal Is Back for Black Friday! (Just Ninety-Nine Damn Dollars For Forever!)

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bill-swift - November 26, 2016

I don't know if you waited an entire year because you refused to listen to me last year and ended up buying socks or a small drone that broke after three uses, but now Black Friday is upon us and the insane mofos at Mr. Skin have brought back their $99 Lifetime Deal.

No charges or re-bills ever! One time, ninety-nine damn dollars for a lifetime of Mr. Skin. In fact, a forever if you leave the password to your kids in the codicil to your will. Eff the mansion. Give the kids you love the most your Mr. Skin Lifetime Membership!

Mr. Skin for forever and ever for the price of less than a one year membership. You'd be insane to pass up this much hot celebrity skin for this best deal ever. 

Mr. Skin Lifetime Membership! Just $99 Freaking Dollars for Black Friday.