There’s Now a Video Sharing Platform for Real Couples to Share Their Sex Videos

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terence-chumbler - July 8, 2017

"After scrolling through many different kinds of porn, I realized I most enjoyed watching sex videos that are not only made for the viewer, but where real people actually enjoy what they are doing. Where there is a real connection and there can be laughs and things can go wrong, and that's ok."

This was the idea behind new video sharing platform Lustery, as recounted by its founder Paulita Pappel. And if the interest in her new site since its launch late last year is anything to go by, it seems she was not alone in searching for a different kind of porn.

Upon visiting Lustery, it’s clear that this is not your normal porn site. Proclaimed as "The Home of Self Filmed Passion", it is warm yet modern, with an emphasis on genuine passion and realness, as opposed to click bait and shock tactics that we’ve all unfortunately become accustomed to. 

The videos (which can only be submitted by community members), have a truly authentic feel that you very rarely find elsewhere. Each video begins with the couple sitting down together and introducing themselves to the community, discussing their sex lives, how they met and various other personal insights into their relationship.

Additionally. each couple on Lustery has their own profile, on which users can explore their photo collection, videos, basic info and more. Think Facebook, minus all the buzz killing content restrictions.

Whilst this all sounds great, the question on everyone’s lips is just how willing are couples to share their sex lives so openly with others? Well, with over 80 submissions since its launch just a few months ago, this question seems to have been answered in emphatic fashion. A new wave of porn is here, and it's time for us all to ride it…