TikTok Star Sofia Gomez in a Hot Bikini!

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Tex Hollywood - September 16, 2020

Sofia Gomez is an 18 year old TikTok star. If you are wondering why TikTok is doing so well, it is definitely in part due to the scandalous nature of the younger generation! I mean the style today seems to be as skimpy an outfit as possible, why even wear clothes. The bikinis are smaller, the shorts smaller, the shirts more see through and braless. It's a crazy time.

I guess if you're raised on the internet, putting your entire life out there is normal, so just showing off, racy or not, makes sense. You have to remember they have seen all the Youtubers make millions upon millions of dollars, so chasing those followers and monetizing is always the dream and we all know one way to get some skin!!

It's a why go to Med School or Law School or have careers when you can just lip synch and dancing to songs to get yourself rich and famous!

I am not a big TikTok person, but this starlet is clearly worth paying attention to, whether she's singing, dancing, making silly short format jokes or by the pool. She's great!


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