Top 5 Nude Car Wash Scenes!

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Tex Hollywood - June 19, 2020

Summer is here! Or at least it will be officially here in a couple of days. COVID is over at least in the minds of most people who are at the "I don't care if I get COVID, I won't wear a mask, social distance, or alter my life more than I already have, plus with all the protests there's been basically no noticeable uptake".

The best thing about summer, along with beaches, pool parties and bikinis everywhere, is a good old fashioned "sexy" car wash, not that Bikini Car Washes are even a thing anymore, but we'll always remember the good times before "WOKE".

The good people at Mr Skin put together a countdown that I think is worth sharing, The Top 5 Car Wash Scenes in movies!

I am sure you all have a list of your own, but these 5 selections are pretty solid. I have never seen any of the movies besides Cool Hand Luke, but now I don't have to and never will. I've seen all I need to see!

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