Top 5 Peeing Scenes in Movies!

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Tex Hollywood - August 28, 2020

Our friends at MR SKIN who have just produced an Amazon Prime documentary covering the history of nudity in the movies, I haven't seen it yet, but it sounds awesome in concept, have just delivered the goods with one of the more obscure, yet amazing lists.

Top 5 peeing scenes in the movies! Number 2 is a shocker...

This is definitely a relevant subject, peeing, at least if you talk to any of the younger generation who were raised on porn, because they seem to be all about peeing on each other like the are R.Kelly.

That's not to say the sexualization of urine is a new thing, it's just to say that for whatever is peeing and it is trending!

So watching some celebs in their best PEE form for the movies is pretty awesome, weird, obscure, magical, uncomfortable, even gross, but I love this list!

To see more peeing from Mr Skin SMASH THIS LINK BUTTON!


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