Top Ten Sexiest Barbaras

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rusty-mattis - November 23, 2018

I found myself searching channels the other day, no finding anything worth watching until I flipped to one of those channels that plays nothing, but classic television. I Dream of Jeannie was on and it hit me... There are a lot of sexy ladies named Barbara. The name might have fallen off over the years, but it's a name that needs to make a comeback. In order to help the resurgence of the named Barbara I'm going to count down the Top Ten Sexiest Barbaras.

Yeah, I get the idea that Barbara might your grandmother's name or the name of your first grad teacher, but really there was a time when the name Barbara was like our Brittany or Amanda. You couldn't take ten steps without stumbling on another sexy Barbara. You would think with classic names making a comeback. Though, it totally could be on the rise, I don't keep track of which names are popular with parents these days. So, here is the list of sexy Barbaras:

10. Barbara Dunkelman

9. Barbara Nedeljakova

8. Barbara Niven

7. Barbara Carrera

6. Barbara Alyn Woods

5. Barbara Eden

4. Barbara Crampton

3. Barbara Bouchet

2. Barbara Bach

1. Barbara Hershey

Hard to imagine that the name Barbara is real popular. The only thing I can think of is that there were so many sexy Barbaras that the bar is set too high. Hey, if I forgot your favorite Barbara, old or new, leave me a note in the comments.

photos via Mr. Skin.