Topless ‘Celebrities In Paradise: Adam Studies Eve’

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michael-garcia - October 25, 2016

The German reality show Celebrities In Paradise is quite the bounty of topless women. It appears to be a show that has celebrities, no one we know, taking their clothes off in a tropical setting. Even though we don't know, or at least I don't because I am not up on my German media, they are still pretty hot. See, that's the thing about European TV, they show all kinds of nudity and it's no big deal. I remember the first time I went to Spain and saw a Coca-Cola commercial with full frontal nudity. You could see her mons and everything. That's one thing the Europeans have on us here in the States: we're uptight about sex and nudity. It's sad. I want our country to be better and accept at least naked ta-tas on prime time TV. Tasteful, you know? What's wrong with that?

In the meantime, maybe I can find a bootleg of this show. It will be in German but I think I can follow the gist. 


Photo Credit: 'Celebrities In Paradise: Adam Studies Eve'