Topless Page 3 Round Up!

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michael-garcia - July 29, 2016

No it's that time in the week where we take some time to look back on all the girls that have delighted us with their lovely jugs on Page 3. We start out with the delectable Courtnie Quinlan, a girl well endowed by the good Lord with some luscious big melons. She's modeling them in a thong by a pool for our viewing pleasure. Next up is Danielle Sellers who is topless in a house with the tiniest little bottom you ever did see. It doesn't leave much to the imagination, which is fine because imagination is overrated. Melissa Clarke wore some sheer panties and no top on a couch. This girl is sickly beautiful. She's like Snow White with light eyes and black hair. Only, you know, topless. Then you have Nicola Paul in some scandalous lingerie which she promptly takes off to be even more scandalously nude. 

It's been a good week...nay...a good life with the Page 3 girls. 


Photo Credit: Page 3