Tove Lo Nipples Out With Gold Star Areolas

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aldo-vallon - October 16, 2018

I guess this settles the age old question of whether or not Swedish women are as comfortable with their upstairs nudity as the rest of the world has been led to believe. In regards to their downstairs, if Tove Lo is any reliable indicator, it appears they still have that tightly under lock down.

In all honesty, I think that is a good thing. Most people should be keeping the majority of their bodies under lock and key. I hate finishing a solid workout only to have the high ruined by walking into a locker room to find a herd of geriatrics nakedly grazing around their lockers. I do not know who made it socially acceptable to be so flippant with your genitals in behind closed doors, but it makes me understand why some cultures only have sex through the hole in a bedsheet.

It does seem like a certain level of skill would be involved in only allowing a single nipple to pop out of her top. Either that or it was premeditated, and given the gold star I am inclined to believe the latter. Regardless of the intent, this could become Tove’s signature look. Michael Jackson had is silver glove, why shouldn’t she be allowed this?



Photo Credit: Instagram