Uncensored Mom Sucking Stepson’s Hard Cock In ‘Queen Of Hearts’

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earl-jonas - November 20, 2019


Cool mom alert. There's a new movie out called Queen of Hearts in which a mom bangs her stepson and even sucks on his hard cock. There's probably somewhat of a plot outside of that, but the stepson forking is all people can pay attention to. The Danish flick is actually garnering high praise from critics and will most likely be a contender at the Oscars for Best Foreign Film. Despite the fact that it sounds like a PornHub original series.



So that mom. She's played by actress Trine Dyrholm, and the scene in which she sucks off her on-screen stepson is considered so explicit that Amazon actually edited it out of the version of Queen of Hearts streaming on Amazon Video. You need to be an insider to see the unedited version. You need to be an Egotastic All-Stars reader. Wow mom.


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