We Now Can See Farrah Abraham’s Huge Freshly-Injected Butt, And Just, Wow

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earl-jonas - April 11, 2019


Earlier this week we checked out a video of Farrah Abraham getting butt injections, and thanks to some brand new pap pics, we can see the fruit of her doctor's labor. And that fruit is a juicy GMO peach just ripe for a little nibbling. As if Farrah Abraham wasn't already sexy enough, she went ahead and made herself even sexier by opting for this XXXL booty. Abraham took to the beach in Tulum, Mexico in a tiny pink bikini, and we can clearly see that her cheeks are bigger than before.

Much like an actual peach, this one is bruised - due to the injections - but even injection bruises look hot on Farrah Abraham. Damn. Is there nothing this girl can't do? Head to the comments to let us know if you think Farrah Abraham is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Photo Credit: MEGA, Instagram