What Do Three Women Do Together When They’ve Run Out Of Activities? Well…

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earl-jonas - July 31, 2019


Besties Jana, Magen, and Maki planned a girls getaway in exotic Thailand, but there's only so much beach time and poolside Mai Tais one can enjoy over the course of a week before getting bored. The novel becomes routine, and the taboo becomes inevitable. Jana, Magen, and Maki eye each other from across their cozy but luxurious living room. They're all dressed up in slinky designer black dresses, but who wants yet another dinner at the resort's restaurant? They know the menu. And they've met the men. None of who could come close to scratching the itch burning deep within each of the girls.

So they stay in for the evening. The conversation comes to a lull. Jana, Magen, and Maki are left with nothing except their shared breathless anticipation. Suddenly they're undressing. As if in a dream, they find themselves caressing each other's perfect breasts. "Could this be happening?" They each think. Not daring to utter so much as a whisper of their disbelief for fear that everything could dissipate in an instant. But it doesn't. And soon their vaginas are out and stuff. Enjoy...

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