What. The. F*ck. We Have UN-NOTHER Full Frontal Elsa Jean Playboy Spread

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earl-jonas - July 10, 2019


Have one of you been doing charity work recently? Did you pray to Boob God? Or conversely, did someone out there sell his soul to the devil - in exchange for another amazingly hot look at Elsa Jean's fully nude bod? If so, thanks! You made the right decision.

Just one week ago we took a look at adult actress and modeling sensation Elsa Jean naked by the pool, and now we get to see her in the boudoir showing off her unrivaled bod on a dresser. At first we get to look at Elsa filling the living daylights out of some super sexy lingerie, but we know that she loves being nude more than anything, and it doesn't take long for Elsa to flash the whole kit and caboodle. Elsa says of what it means to be an empowered female in this day and age:

Female empowerment means females can do and be however they want. No one can tell you how to be or act, and you can be as strong as you want to be.

And thankfully Elsa wants to do this. She's just so damn sexy and we're just so damn lucky. Enjoy.

Photos courtesy of Playboy Plus