Young Brunette Sweetheart Kate Rich Is As Hot As They Come

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aldo-vallon - August 5, 2018

I see someone in the production crew finally had the common sense to throw a blanket over the furniture before Kate Rich started doing her thing. I never understood why people felt so comfortable putting their naked bodies on furniture. I do not know how nudists do it.

I do not care how on top of your personal hygiene you are, a butt is still a butt. How are you going to stick that butt on a couch cushion that gets washed once every never? The only place I am comfortable getting naked is in the comfort of my bed because the sheets are routinely washed.

Sure, I own a couch, and when I know that I will have my apartment to myself I enjoy walking around in my boxers, letting the baby arm swing free. But I never go to anything less than the boxers even though it is my God given right as a freeman to do what I want with my property! I don’t do it because I have class, as well as a firm understanding of how pink eye spreads. I do not need to reexperience that shame any time soon.


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