Zhoe Trotter Smoking Hot Topless Beauty

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brian-mcgee - October 26, 2017

If hot women smoking cigarettes is a turn-off for you, and I know that it can be for some, I would advise you to turn back, o man. If not, I encourage you to press on and check out these pictures of the angry young woman known as Zhoe Trotter, who emits an early 90s angry female rock chick vibe that's sexy as all get out!

Seriously, I could create an album cover with at least two of these pictures and reasonably convince you that it was released alongside Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco, Liz Phair, Meredith Brooks, Bikini Kill, and the rest. Here...

I totally owned both of those on compact disc, yo. 

Images via Jellan Merlant-Pilonchery