Zippora Seven Topless Black And White

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bill-swift - April 12, 2016

Formerly young enough to be controversial naked Aussie model Zippora Seven, with the name and topless body you won't soon forget, took another turn at the exhibitionism faptastic in this black and white pictorial from Eduoard Plongeon, showing off Zippora's au naturally provocative appeal and the funbags of a fun time princess.

Now, I apologize in advance for the dude in the picture who we could not easily omit without losing some of the Zippora hotness contained herein. I don't understand the need for men outside of the NFL and my buddies who still foolishly agree to help me move. Zippora has that look that photographers dig shooting and oglers dig leering at and imagining those funbags were around their own humble abode for playtime mini-motorboating. Zippora, my only complaint is you don't come around topless often enough. You have those blessed knockers every day of the year. Selfies wouldn't hurt. I'm asking for ten million friends. Enjoy.

Photo Credit:  Edouard Plongeon