Zippora Seven Topless On The Beach

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bill-swift - June 7, 2016

Zippora Seven is simply one of my favorite faptastic Down Under hottie models who does nothing more than taking off her clothes and looking crazy hot. If you don't think that's a talent than I'm not sure what your standards are exactly. But I'd rank this above the ability to fly and or solve all world conflicts. In fact, Zippora's steamy sextastic body is likely the key to world peace. Once we all realize our similarities in lusting after wickedly hot girls swimming naked, we can start to figure out the smaller dissimilarities. 

Featured in this Josephine Clough photoshoot, the stunningly alluring Zippora gently but definitely shows off her stellar natural funbags and body in a water based show of dripping wet delights. I have found a special place in my heart and loins and all organs in betwixt for the organically outstandingly passion inducing naked princesses of this world. Zippora, I'm sending you the key to my place. You don't need to knock. If I'm snoring, wake me. If I'm with a woman, then I'm definitely still dreaming. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Josephine Clough