A Post Workout Close-Up With Antuanetta

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aldo-vallon - March 5, 2018

What good could a hoodie like that possibly do for the wearer? There is more skin showing than is covered up, and that is a pretty big reason for wearing a hoodie. I know that it makes her as cute as can be without actually turning her into a cartoon character, but should that be a priority when picking out workout gear?

I tend to take the function over fashion view when it comes to attire, so picking workout clothes based on how they look versus how they fit is a grave mistake and I see women make it all too often. The next time you are at a gym take a look at some of the biggest guys there. I can almost guarantee they will be wearing a t-shirt and basketball shorts that they have owned since high school. If you count all the holes in the shirt you will know how old the shirt is, they work just like the rings inside trees. And if women took this same approach then they too could have the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. One day maybe they will realize this.


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