Aleksandra All Natural

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aldo-vallon - October 11, 2017

 If this is Aleksandra in her natural state then I am terrified to know what new heights of beauty she could reach with a little augmentation. It is almost too much to even think about, like what would happen if Stephen Hawking's brain was to be transplanted into the body of Kate Upton. Some things were simply never meant to be possible in this universe due to the ramifications of that level of beauty and intellect being able to work together. Let's leave that for one of our alternate timelines to go through, because I do not think it will survive.  

Would a human being with that sort of prestige be accepted as the Emperor of the world immediately, or would she still have to campaign? Come to think of it, would Kate or Stephen take over as the dominant gender? See, this is the kind of problem I was anticipating. Our world cannot afford to have them go to war with each other for control because we all would choose a side and fight to the death. And I cannot think of a more noble cause to use a nuclear warhead for than this very realistic hypothetical one. 

Photo Credit: Jacek Kloskowski